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Why Become a Helicopter Pilot?

If flying is your passion, then Helicopter training is what you need. Our goal is to make you a professional helicopter pilot in just few months. The decision to become a Professional Helicopter pilot is currently a very wise one.

The big demand for rotor wing pilots has been created due to heavy demand in Helicopter Operation and number of Helicopter Imports to India. Currently 367 helicopters are awaiting their Permits and this number will rise exponentially with the increasing need for helicopter services in India. Due to heavy demand for Helicopter Pilots in India All leading charter companies are offering excellent incentives to candidates to make their career in Helicopter Industry by offering them Letter of Intent for Job even before they finish their CHPL course. Multinational companies and almost all state Government, wish to one their own fleet of helicopters for their own particulars needs, charter services an offshore operations.

Helicopter growth is the next big thing in the aviation industry in India, and creating a huge demand for experienced as well as fresh Helicopter Pilots.

Why Train Overseas?

The cost of training is 30% cheaper abroad with more advanced well maintained Helicopters which are available there. Students also have the option to get Instructor Rating and get the option to train students from other parts of the world in schools abroad and thus logging in more flying hours under their belt. In our endeavor to provide our students with global employ-ability our students are exposed to the best facilities available in flying. The best helicopter training schools costs anywhere between 60,000 USD to 90,000 USD depending on the type of helicopters used for training.

We have made helicopter training affordable at an all inclusive cost of USD 50,000 to USD 65,000 which includes 150 Hours of training with accommodation.

License Conversion

On completion of your Helicopter training program you will receive a Commercial Helicopter Pilot License and Instrument Rating from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) from Mauna Loa – Hawaii – USA and CAAP – DGCA compliant course certificate from Island Helicopter Training – Philippines. Both programs are designed for international students with no flying experience.

The FAA licenses are recognized by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and are accepted by all member states of that organization, and may be used to obtain any national certificate through a conversion procedure. We will help you convert your License with the Indian Aviation authority (DGCA).


Hawaii, USA

Mauna Loa Helicopters gives you the training you need to become a confident and competent professional, prepared to work anywhere in the world. Hawaii offers one of the best helicopter training environments anywhere. Favorable weather conditions, scenic valleys, expansive beaches, exotic rainforests, offshore operations, challenging mountain and ridge flying…even erupting volcanoes; Hawaii is as incredible as you’ve heard.

You can train at a Mauna Loa Helicopter Training School on idyllic Kauai, in exciting, metropolitan Oahu, or in the wide open spaces of the Big Island of Hawaii. Each island has its own special charm, something you will appreciate once you are here in the islands.

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