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Mauna Loa Helicopters Training Schools have offered professional Helicopter pilot training since 1995. Our focus from day one is to guide students pilots on a path to career success by giving you the training you need to become a confident and competent professional, prepared to work anywhere in the world.

We are located on three of the tropical islands in the Hawaiian Chain. Mauna Loa emphasizes quality helicopter training in the divers environment that makes up Hawaii, which includes high mountains up to 13,796ft/4,200 meters active volcanoes, constantly changing weather conditions and busy airspace.

You are about to embark on perhaps the greatest adventure of your life. Mauna Loa ill provide you the knowledge and skills you need to state on a rewarding and promising career in aviation. You can learn to fly anywhere you want, why not train in one of the most stunning places on earth?


Our Training Location across the island chain allows us to take full advantage of spectacular locales, varied weather conditions and unique challenges that comprise Hawaii and its airspace. You can train on idyllic Kauai, in the exciting metropolis of Oahu, or in the rustic, wide open spaces of the Big Island of Hawaii. Each island has its own charm. They are all at your fingertips once you are here, whichever island you choose for your home base, you'll find convenient practice arrears and less congested airspace.

The weather in Hawaii is excellent for year round training. No doubt, Hawaii offers the best climate in the U.S.A. you don't have to put up with the extreme heat of states like Arizona, or the high humidity of the eastern and southern states, which makes your flight training uncomfortable. Also our flight operations are not restricted by fog, which is very common around the west coast.

Our experienced Instructors, some of whom have over 2,000 hours of helicopter training experience under their belt, have helped over 100 pilots graduate through the school. They are thorough professionals who attend annual recurrent training and take great pride in assuring that each student receives the individual attention needed to become a Professional Helicopter Pilot.

  • We have 21 Helicopters to train our students
  • Course completion in 5 months (some students have completed within 3-4 months)
  • Our training is endorsed and certified by Helicopter Charter Companies in United States of America and India.
  • Hawaii ranks as one of the best places in the world for Helicopter training.
  • Experience Flight instructors with over 2,000 hours of flying.
  • We train with the latest and well maintained Helicopter fleet.
  • Instructor Rating Program leading to certified flight instructors also offered.
  • Excellent weather condition all round the year.
  • Best Topographic locations for Helicopter Training (mountains, plateau sand, plains and gorges)
  • 1:1 student –Instructor ratio.
  • Mauna Loa Helicopter also being a charter company gives good exposure to trainee candidates on best Practices as Helicopter Pilots.
  • Hawaii offers a complete range of Airspace training, from Class-Bravo, Class Gulf to Remote jungle Landing.
You will learn to fly in Robinson R22 and R44 helicopters

Total Fees : Approx. $ 50,000 | Duration: 5 months
(Total Fees includes fees for Helicopter Training course and 5 months Accommodation)

Fee Structure
Items Hours/Units Price(USD) Total
   Dual (PIC VFR) 115 275
   Solo VFR 25 250
   Dual - IFR R22 10 285
   Ground 75 42
   Instructor briefings 40 42
   Accommodations 5 485
   Medical 1 100
   Written Exams 2 150
   Check rides for FAA 2 500
   Aircraft Rental for Checkride 3 230
   Administrative fee 1 500
   Books & Materials 1 250 $250.00   
   Subtotal     $50,820.00    
   Tax     $2,117.67   
   Total Fee     $52,937.67   
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