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About Us
Srishti, as the name suggests, is a creative enterprise with diverse interests that includes Real Estate, Design, Aviation and Education. Srishti is led by stalwarts in the industry, who bring in decades of individual experience. Srishti has charted an exponential growth tangent for itself, while constantly surpassing expectations with each project. Srishti Ventures is led by Mr.Shwetang Shah, Managing partner & a team of some of the best in the industry.

About Srishti Education
Srishti Education has unparalleled experience in guiding, counselling & placement services for over a decade, in premiere Institutes like IED, University of Bedfordshire & Mauna Loa Helicopter Training School. Our motto, throughout, has always been to provide the best consultancy to the students. We take great care and help the student in selecting the right Course, College or University. Srishti Education represents some of the best Colleges & Universities around the world and particularly in Europe, ensuring the students of a confident start and also assuring that their careers are in the right hands.

Attention to Detail
Special attention is paid to minute details and covering all aspects of the entire process. Counselling also involves advising & appraising you or your parents about the need to understand the cost involved for the entire duration of the course - from upfront fees, pay-as-you-go schemes (as applicable), Bank Loans, Scholarships, to working while you are studying.

Srishti Education paves the way for students wishing to avail the opportunities to study in the best Colleges & Universities around the globe.

Srishti welcomes you to enroll and start your application process with us today!
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